CUINATUR: 20 Years of Commitment to Sustainability and Food Waste Prevention and Reduction in School Canteens


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In a recent interview marking its 20th anniversary, CUINATUR’s team explains the company’s mission and its impact in the educational, social, and collective catering sectors. Its prominent role in food waste prevention and reduction, and its promotion of healthier and more sustainable school canteens, make CUINATUR a key partner for the success of the European project ToNoWaste.

Two Decades Promoting Sustainability in Its Business Model

CUINATUR, a strategic partner of the ToNoWaste project, celebrates 20 years since its founding, reaffirming its commitment to a healthier and more sustainable school canteen model. With extensive experience managing over 30 canteens, the company integrates economic, environmental, and social dimensions into its vision.

This privileged position allows them to extend beyond the collective catering and classroom sectors, effectively communicating and raising awareness within the educational community, throughout the supply chain, and in society at large.

CUINATUR and ToNoWaste: Innovation to Combat Food Waste

As a partner in the European project ToNoWaste, CUINATUR actively engages in combating food waste. Its participation not only benefits the project’s 21 partners but also sets an example of more sustainable practices.

Their focus on food waste prevention is centered on optimizing supply chain logistics, from receiving fruits and vegetables at distribution warehouses to serving them in school canteens. Within the ToNoWaste project framework, critical points will be identified and analyzed to prevent/reduce food waste, seeking effective and sustainable solutions to minimize losses and ensure efficient resource management from economic, social, and environmental perspectives.

CUINATUR brings a practical and real perspective from the daily management of school canteens, serving approximately 8,400 meals daily, to the ToNoWaste project.

Strategic Alliance for Advancing Sustainable Food Systems

Being part of the ToNoWaste project, supported by the European Union and composed of a consortium of highly skilled partners, provides CUINATUR with the opportunity and commitment to successfully address the complex issue of food waste.

This collaboration not only reinforces their sustainable practices but also allows them to exchange knowledge and innovative solutions with other leaders in the field, promoting a more conscious and responsible community regarding the issue of food waste and its relevance within a sustainable food system.