Bio Ernte Steiermark

Bio Ernte Steiermark is the regional organisation for Styria within Bio Austria, an association for organic agriculture . Bio Austria is the largest organic association in Europe and has around 13500 members. The regional organisation Bio Ernte Steiermark has about 2200 members.

The main tasks of Bio Ernte Steiermark are to foster organic farming, to represent the interests of organic farmers, to provide advice and further training for farmers, to raise awareness among consumers, to network organic farming with other institutions along the food chain (gastronomy and industry) and to promote organic food.

To address these extensive topics, Bio Ernte Steiermark is working on a wide range of projects. Currently, the focus is on the development of a system to increase organic farming and enhance the supply of regional organic food by implementing so called „organic model regions“. In addition,  awareness raising among consumers is emphasised. This includes the development of information materials (flyers, videos, podcasts, etc.).

In the area of food waste, organic farming is an interesting factor, as organic farming pays particular attention to attain circular economy to align output with demand.

Therefore, Bio Ernte Steiermark is optimistic to contribute positively to the ToNoWaste project.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sabrina Dreisiebner Lanz MSc.

responsible for project management and data collection

Sabrina Dreisiebner-Lanz studied oenology and agriculture. She works as consultant for (organic) viticulture since 2008 and is involved in several projects as project manager and technical expert.

Bernhard Haller BSc.


Bernhard Haller studied sustainable food management at the FH Joanneum in Graz.
At Bio Ernte Steiermark, he is responsible for advising direct marketers,  supporting commercial processors and contributes to marketing activities.