ToNoWaste is a European project to discover successful approaches toward food waste prevention and reduction


ToNoWaste Workshops


ToNoWaste kick-off in Castelló the 5th and 6th of October


Austrian Online-Kick-off


The ToNoWaste Project has started!

ToNoWaste mission is to encourage actors in European food systems using science and evidence-based tools and lessons learned to make better decisions towards a more sustainable food production and consumption patterns.


  • Provide farmers, supply chain companies as well as consumers and policymakers with more objective, integrated, and standardized information about the impacts and global co-benefits of their daily actions
  • Co-create a portfolio of positively assessed pathways to shift Europe towards a healthier, more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable food production and consumption
  • Create and test processes in pilots developed in: Valencia, Vienna, and Graz


ToNoWaste is a 48-month project in which 21 institutions from 7 countries collaborate to overcome this challenge with a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary approach that considers not only agronomic, economic, environmental and business model challenges, but also other cross-cutting aspects such as psychology, law and social innovation to fight also against gender and social inequalities. ToNoWaste will inspire market actors to use science and evidence-based assessment tools and data to make better decisions towards more sustainable food production and consumption patterns. It starts from research on what makes the best decision regarding FWPR actions in the fresh food value chain. It is an open innovation ecosystem designed to leverage previous findings for the identification of social, technical/environmental, economic, political/legal, ethical and demographic drivers and to collaborate with ongoing R&D actions to propose comprehensive FWPR solutions.