STRATECO OG is a spin-off from Graz University of Technology, founded in 2018 with two main areas of expertise: life cycle assessment for sustainable systems using the Sustainable Process Index (SPI) method as well as developing and implementing regional renewable energy technology networks by economic optimization via Process Network Synthesis (PNS).

The STRATECO team gained comprehensive know-how for the implementation of consulting and planning processes with individual enterprises, municipalities, cities, research institutions as well as schools and individuals in the field of sustainable development. After the fulfilling research activity at Graz University of Technology the STRATECO team now emphasizes on implementation projects under the motto: from knowledge to action!

With the educational background of environmental system sciences and the employment of several years at the Graz University of Technology the STRATECO team can now offer extensive experience in knowledge transfer especially with footprint calculators and illustrative teaching methods. Especially the engagements in schools and the work with stakeholders in the field of regional sustainable development represents a good added value for the project. STRATECO evaluates sustainability potentials, provides guidance and contributes to the evaluation of urban as well as rural design solutions on the ecological impact of selective services, technologies as well as material and energy flows within these areas, based on thorough scientific analysis, helping customers and stakeholders to make informed decisions about products and processes.


Mag. René Kollmann

Co-Founder and CEO

He received his master’s degree at University of Graz, Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research, more than 10 years of professional experience in ecological evaluation based on the Sustainable Process Index (SPI); life cycle analysis, especially related to footprint calculators; sustainable regional development related to regional renewable resources; as well as project experience on national and European level within these fields.

Mag. Michael Eder

Co-Founder and CEO

He did his master in Environmental System Sciences – Geography at University of Graz. In the NGO called “die Umweltberatung” he gained his first professional experience. He has been working several years in different projects in the field of process optimization and ecological evaluation at the Institute for Process- and Particle Engineering at Graz University of Technology. Additional experience in knowledge, know-how transfer and education in sustainability, bioeconomy and circular economy in various Erasmus+ projects, as well as the mediation of various regional stakeholders and finding synergies.

Nicolas Katzer, MSc

administrative, researcher

He completed his Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development at the University of Graz and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with a Master’s thesis on the simulation of hydroponic systems. He gained more than one year of experience in ecological assessment and project management at the company STRATECO and as head of the regional group Graz at the NPO “Engineers without Borders Austria”.