Zero Waste Austria

Zero Waste Austria is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting waste prevention in Austria. The association is the mouthpiece for the Austrian Zero Waste movement and was founded in 2017. The core competence of Zero Waste Austria is the communication of waste avoidance on different channels, including the social media platforms, press, radio and television. Zero Waste Austria has a total of over 30,000 followers (social media channels and newsletter subscribers), and the website receives around 20,000 hits per month. This wide reach and the active Zero Waste community will ensure high engagement around the pilot activities in Austria and the wide dissemination of the project results. In addition, the organization regularly leads waste prevention projects or stands by as a project partner, which is a strong network to rely on for engaging with different stakeholders for reaching the aim of this project. In addition, the Zero Waste Austria team organizes various events every year to provide information about resource protection. Zero Waste Austria is part of the Zero Waste Europe and Break Free From Plastic network and by that connected to a wide network of Zero Waste experts.


Lorraine Wenzel

Lorraine Wenzel has a master’s degree in media studies focused on journalism from the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen and a diploma in sustainability pedagogics. She’s currently doing a diploma in becoming a herbalist pedagogue and has been working for Zero Waste Austria since 2018. Since 2020 she has been the CEO of the association and has become the chairlady of Zero Waste Austria in 2021 in addition. In the last couple of years Lorraine was a project assistant in projects like “Waste Reduction in the Austrian hotel industry” in cooperation with ÖHV and BOKU as well as in the ongoing project “City.Food.Basket”. She has been the project leader of several different projects concerning waste reduction in the trade sector as well as in education. Within ToNoWaste she is responsible for the project management within Zero Waste Austria and the legal roles regarding the project.

Marie Gandl

Marie Gandl has a master’s degree in environmental and sustainability management (2021) from the FH IMC Krems and besides working for Zero Waste Austria she also manages the office at her family’s gingerbread manufactury. Her interests lie in the sustainable production of food and the reduction of (food) waste in SMEs. Marie has been working as a membership manager and project assistant at Zero Waste Austria for the past 2,5 years. Within ToNoWaste she is responsible for WP5 mainly, raising awareness about the project and showing the target groups ways to reduce food waste in different areas.

Yuval Siman


Yuval Siman finished the BSc in environmental & natural resource management at the University for natural resources and life science in Vienna in 2021. Food waste was the main focus of his degree during which he took part in both quantitative & qualitative on-site data collection in the food service sector. He has recently joined Zero Waste Austria as a volunteer and contributes with his knowledge and energy to reducing waste. Within ToNoWaste he has a supporting role in the WPs 2, 4 and 5.

Stephanie Hahn

Stephanie Hahn has a master’s degree in education, English and History. After having worked in a grammar school for several years she is currently working for Caritas Vienna. Stephanie has been working as a volunteer for Zero Waste Austria for the past 2 years in HR, proofreading and workshop design and management. Since December 2022 she has been taking on the role of project manager. Her interests lie in the reduction of food waste in schools and education of children in the topics zero waste and food waste. Within ToNoWaste she has a supporting role in the WP2 and WP5 and is responsible for WP4 mainly, coordinating workshops in the pilot city Vienna and conducting feedback from app users.