ToNoWaste Workshops

ToNoWaste has been working on organizing different workshops since the project begun on two of the pilot cities that the project is working with: Valencia and Gratz.

The first one took place the 16th of November in Las Naves, Valencia aimed at “The challenge of avoiding and reducing food waste. Causes and solutions”. This first workshop set the first stone to begin the first round. The second one was done in Vienna, Gratz, the past 5th December 2022 in which the participants from policy and decision making, city administration, research and education discussed the questions: What problems are available along the value chain? and what solutions are possible for FWRP and which framework conditions are relevant.

This two workshops that finalised the firsts months of the project, set the bar for the one organized yesterday 17th January, at the Innovation Centre of the City Council of Valencia. The workshop “Making good decisions to reduce food losses and food waste”, was aimed at discussing the idea of makking good decisions to prevent and reduce food waste and how to measure its economic, social and environmental impact.

During yesterday’s workshop, different questionnaires were developed that addressed social, environmental and economic criteria and assessed the most important aspects in decision-making to achieve a more sustainable food system, and it was proposed that, when evaluating actions to reduce and prevent food waste, criteria must be defined and agreed upon making people the main action factor.

The next workshopd will take place on Vienna the January 26th, 2023 from 10am to 4pm. In which participants from different branches along the food value chain (namely NGOs & consumer associations, promotors for FWPR, producers, food processors/industry, market/trade) will be discussing the question: What does it mean to make good decisions to prevent/reduce food waste? and will be followed by another workshop the 28th February, also in Las Naves, Valencia where the first results of the workshop will be shared and the first analysis of actions will be carried out.