ToNoWaste Project at Rennes School of Business

The coordinator of the ToNoWaste project, María Jesús Muñoz-Torres, will be visiting the Rennes School of Business from May 22 to May 25 to share insights and deliver a conference presentation titled “Researching with and for Society: EU Projects as an Ideal Playing Field.”

Dr. María Jesús Muñoz-Torres, a distinguished figure in sustainable finance and accounting, serves as the Coordinator of this Horizon Europe ToNoWaste Project. And she is also the Director of the PhD Program International Studies in Peace, Conflict, and Development, as well as the MBA of the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University Jaume I.

During her visit to the Rennes School of Business, Dr. Muñoz will present her extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary research teams and projects. The focal point of her presentation will be the ToNoWaste project. The project’s aim is to inspire market players to adopt science and evidence-based assessment tools and data for making informed decisions towards more sustainable food production and consumption patterns.

By sharing the achievements and goals of the project, she intends to demonstrate the importance of EU projects as a vital platform for driving positive societal change. Through collaborative efforts and holistic assessment approaches, the project strives to cultivate a new mindset that combats food waste and promotes sustainable practices in the food industry.

The visit to the Rennes School of Business offers an excellent opportunity for students, researchers, and professionals to gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of EU-funded initiatives. Dr. Muñoz’s expertise and her work within the ToNoWaste project are poised to inspire attendees to contribute to a more sustainable future in the field of food production and consumption.