LEGO Figures to Raise Awareness on Food Waste Prevention

ToNoWaste is pioneering a new approach to tackle the pressing issue of food waste across the European Union. With a staggering 88 million tonnes of food wasted annually throughout the entire supply chain, the ToNoWaste project aims to prevent and reduce food waste by encouraging actors in European food systems to make informed decisions based on science and evidence-based tools.

In a captivating and innovative move, the coordination team of project (UJI) has created a unique video presentation using LEGO figures to visually convey their mission and goals. The project video, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, aims to raise awareness and engage viewers in the urgent need for a more sustainable approach to food production and consumption.

The video presentation not only captures attention but also provides valuable insights into successful approaches towards food waste prevention and reduction. By employing science and evidence-based tools, the project encourages stakeholders to make better-informed decisions that contribute to sustainable food systems.

ToNoWaste aims to foster a new zero food waste mindset, urging actors in European food systems to adopt holistic assessments of their practices. By considering the entire lifecycle of food, from production to consumption, and leveraging lessons learned from the project, stakeholders can play an active role in reducing food waste and promoting sustainable practices.


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