TONOWASTE partners at Copobla Cooperative in Valencia for Sustainable Waste Reduction Demosites

In the pursuit of global sustainability, the TONOWASTE initiative is advancing its commitment to environmentally friendly practices by collaborating with key partners at a demosite pilot in Valencia. The project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of waste reduction strategies, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability.

A significant highlight of TONOWASTE’s efforts is the collaboration with Copobla Cooperative, as associated cooperative to Cooperatives Agroalimentaries de la Comunitat Valenciana (CACV), which the partners are visiting today. The Valencia demosite has emerged as a focal point for TONOWASTE, serving as a practical testing ground for innovative waste reduction strategies.

The cooperative’s involvement is instrumental in the success of the initiative, providing a real-world context for implementing and assessing the impact of sustainability measures related to waste reduction. One key facet of this collaboration involves the implementation of specific actions to measure the sustainability of waste reduction efforts. These actions encompass a spectrum of strategies, from optimizing waste collection processes to fostering community awareness and encouraging participation in recycling programs.

During the visit, partners from Las Naves, Mercavalencia, CACV and Universitat Jaume I have followed the whole process followed by citrus fruits from the field to the exit of the warehouse, analyzing the points where food waste can occur. Our partner CACV is analyzing the losses that occur during the process by taking a sample of a typical oranges field and following its production to detect where waste is generated and propose measures to reduce it.

The objective of TONOWASTE is to propose the methodology to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts derived of the loss reduction action and automatize it, to offer reliable data to take decisions about the feasibility of those actions.